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Company Introduction

Decagon Lab & Analytical Testing Sdn Bhd as the name let us know is an analytical laboratory, employing professionals and experienced employees of more than 15 years in the ion exchange resin study/analysis, water and wastewater treatment study.

Decagon Lab presents a wide range of testing services with precision results. Decagon Lab is MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 certified, externally audited and has highly qualified laboratory personnel and technical instrumentation. We have established logistic support for all sampling works and transportation to and fro from any site. This is to ensure samples are brought to the lab within the stipulated time.

Decagon Lab Quality Policy

  • This policy statement sets our intention to seek total customer satisfaction by the implementation of quality management and integrity and trustworthiness of its work.
  • Decagon Lab and all their staff undertake to ensure that all operations are accordance with the requirements of MS ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and shall comply with the quality documents, policy and procedures set out in the Quality Manual.
  • Decagon Lab shall continually improve the effectiveness of the management system.

Customer Feedbacks

  • Lab staff quick to response on quotations.
  • Lab technical staff equipped to advice on technical matters.
  • Results turnaround time are satisfactory.
  • Easy access to lab.
  • Very well versed in IECS sampling and report writing.
  • Technical staff experienced in conducting wide range of R&D in water and ion exchange resins.
  • The only lab in Malaysia which can carry out ion exchange resin analysis.
  • Excellent quality of service.

Certificates of Accreditation

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