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Decagon lab laboratory personnel have more than 15 years’ experience working with multiple ranges of wastewater treatment plants. The laboratory responds well to your wastewater treatment study project request and is able to suggest the most appropriate, responsive and cost-effective approach to handle the treatability study.

A treatability wastewater study is important to find out whether the proposed wastewater plant design and chemicals introduced by your contractor and suppliers are feasible to give you the results as required by the DOE Standard A or B. We at Decagon Lab can carry out the proposed design at lab scale to find out whether your wastewater can meet the discharge standards. A treatability study is the most cost-effective way before you splurge millions on building a wastewater treatment plant and purchase of chemicals such as coagulants and flocculants.

Some of the treatability study conducted at D’Lab are:-

  • Jar Test and other methods proposed by your contractors of wastewater treatment.
  • Sand, Activated Carbon, Anthracite filtration studies.
  • Jar test comes with chemical preparation for dosage, flocculants and coagulant, calculation of dosage, observation and report.
  • Before and after test of parameters that do not meet the Std A/B discharge levels.
  • Consultation related to selection of appropriate tests, interpretation of results and water quality is also available.

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